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My dream and aspiration is MIB will allow the stories behind the artwork to pass down from generation to generation and to share the beautiful messages, stories and Indigenous history to the world. I believe by combining Art and Fashion will intrigue our consumers to feel connected to the artwork and artist. When your connected to a piece of art or story; it is either up on your wall for all eyes to see or up on the shelf with your favourite book. Why not take the opportunity of wearing your art and stories to be shown off by the world? To become a walking billboard that celebrates Indigenous culture.

we are more than just a clothing label

message in a bottle  - the label was founded by grace power, a proud indigenous woman from bowen, australia. mib perfectly fits my clothing line; each collection has a theme and message (story) behind the designs. i spent most of my time on the beaches and by the ocean in my childhood. I would sit on this one rock for ages and watch the waves hit the rocks back and forward, i loved feeling the lite sprays of seawater hitting my face and the smell of fresh saltwater air was calming.

at that age and time, i didn't realise that i was mediating but I would just close my eyes and let my mind and imagination run wild. It was in my meditation I came up with my concept and idea of mib. i see our minds and body as this bottle and through life we learn these 'life lessons' either from first-hand experience or from others. we take these messages, stories and experiences fill them inside of us and as we go through up and downs in life like a bottle being taken by the waves, we open up and we pass down and share these messages either with our loved ones, the world or whoever will listen.

we are wearable art.

at message in a bottle – the label we collaborate with indigenous artists from all countries in australia to produce a high end, contemporary and modern clothing collection. art and clothing are universal and can be understood by people from all walks of life and backgrounds. mib combines the art with a collection of clothing to showcase/recognise/celebrate indigenous artists and their artwork.


mib aims to create a clothing collection that the consumer will experience an artistic and emotional response to.


we want to give our consumers the feeling of confidence when wearing our clothing; while having a strong connection to the artwork.


the overall mission is to produce a platform where indigenous artists can share their stories through our traditional ways (art and storytelling) but also in modernised ways (clothing, mini talk series and creative visuals). we aim for the collections to become a talking piece that would educate on indigenous culture through the artwork and the storytelling.

meet the woman behind mib

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